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The boards of the Sport range are characterized by evolutive shapes, light boards thanks to its carbon fiber stringers and are very easy to handle thanks to its rigid daggerboards (FCS compatible cases), these are the FUN-BOARDS ! For surfers with a lot of verticality, hollow wave lovers and wipe-outs, you are at the right place! Too many surfers at the peak? We have the solution, Adopt your board from the Sport range (from the 4'6 to the 6'6), for maximum fun !

Construction :

The boards of the Sport range combine an EPS foam core, an epoxy/fiberglass lamination, a HDPE slick on the bottom part, and a foam blade on the deck, but also a carbon fiber lath that stiffens the board. The result is an incredibly strong yet lightweight board that achieves a very high level of performance for a softboard ! All the boards in this range are equipped with FCS 1 and FCS 2 compatible box, supplied with rigid fins and are covered with anti-slip and ultra-resistant EVA foam.

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