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The boards in the Gaia range have been designed and developed in a collective approach, with the aim of obtaining boards that are as environmentally friendly as possible. With the help and support of the Brittany region and the Anticipa Lannion technopole, we have made a real effort in research and development in order to obtain a board made up of almost 50% of materials that are not, or only slightly polluting (organic raw materials or recycled plastics). This range, embodied by the "mother goddess", is designed to suit all types of surfers (intermediates, experienced surfers and beginners), and skillfully combines performance, comfort and aesthetics.

 Construction planche


Gaia boards combine a high-density EPS foam core with 2 marine wood stringer, an epoxy/fiberglass lamination and a 100% recycled HDPE slick on the bottom.

EVA Crocodile


Gaia boards are hybrid boards coated with 50% natural seaweed and 50% EVA foam ("hybrid" or "crocodile" foam). This assembly has the advantage of obtaining a 100% non-slip board (no more polluting wax). 

The boxes are FCS-compatible and are supplied with 100% recycled hard plastic fins.

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