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« The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun » ( Duke Kahanamoku )

As The Duke sums it up, you can't judge a surfer only by his technique or by the height of the waves he surfs (or by the blondness of his locks). An excellent surfer who ceases to appreciate the show offered by the ocean can only bow the strength released by the beginner, hilarious to play in the waves with his Zeus board. Conversely, the beginner surfer whose humility is lacking ( he obviously does not have a surf Zeus ), will never have the modesty to listen to and follow the advice of the experienced surfer. Surfing, like life, can only be appreciated for its true value only if you infuse positive and determined energy into it. Know that it is very important for us to provide you the boards benefiting from the best energies on the market, for a surf and a life in perfect harmony. In addition to the good waves that we want to transmit to you, Zeus attaches particular attention reducing your greenhouse gas emissions by offering the greenest softboards on the market (zero plastic packaging, recycled polyethylene ...)




Created in 2015 with a thunderclap, the Zeus brand is slowly becoming known on its lands in Brittany in France, while its founders, just over 18, begin their respective studies. Through a surfshop and a rental stand, also serving as a snack made with fresh products on a beach in Trébeurden, Zeus is known locally and federates thanks to its dynamism, its carefree and his will to do well. Known for its differentiation and its offbeat communication, Zeus Surfboards advocates surfing for ALL and the entrepreneurial spirit. Now focused on the development of the brand, the young leaders, having completed their studies, are tackling the world surf market with the intention of making Zeus THE essential brand of softboards.

The Times ( bzh ) 05/01/2020

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Zeus Spirit

Above all crazy about sports and adventures, we want through the brand to support you in the best in your understanding of surfing and board sports. It is also a way for us to make you discover surfing from different angles. From its purifying and poetic aspect to its fun and bad-ass character, including performance... Our challenge is to spread a momentum of dynamism and openness around this sport which, from our point of view, has only virtues for its practitioners (adrenaline, well-being, awakening to nature, fun, cardio. ..). In short, our motivation is to convey fun whether through our products, our events, our videos or our restaurants ... All while striving to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible, through innovative and controlled actions, because it seems absolutely essential and imperative to integrate ecology and environment into each of our businesses.


new boards

The boards of the Gaia range have been designed and developed in a collective approach, with the objective of initiating the overhaul of the means of production in our sector of activity, by offering the most eco-responsible boards possible. Helped and supported by the Brittany region and the Anticipa Lannion technopole, we have made a real effort in research and development in order to obtain a board composed of approximately 50% of materials that do not or very little pollute (organic raw materials or materials). recycled plastics). This range, embodied by the “mother goddess”, is designed to suit all types of surfers (intermediate, experienced as well as beginners), and combines performance, comfort and aesthetics with talent.



The Surfshop Zeus

Come and discover the Surfshop Zeus, located on the beach of Trestraou in Perros-Guirec! In addition to finding all the products and exclusives of the brand (especially textile), we offer a wide choice of surfboards, stand-up paddle, skates, accessories, textiles (Patagonia, Vans ...), neoprene suits and much more...



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